Latest Arrivals

The following items have recently arrived at The Outer Space.  Come down and check them out, before they get snapped up!

bird bath.JPG

Bird Baths

We have a range of gorgeous, unique, hand-made bird baths unavailable anywhere else!

Each piece is designed not only with birds’ bathing requirements in mind, but also to add beauty and interest to your garden.

From $440

The butterfly hovers 4” from the ground

The butterfly hovers 4” from the ground

Fairy Wrens

The Superb Fairy Wren has to be Australia’s favourite bird. With their distinctive azure blue plumage and cheeky nature, they bring a smile to the face to us all. Grant Flather has designed a beautiful wren, forged from 3mm Corten Steel. There are several different mounts for these little birds, including the new “circle scenes”, as pictured. They can go inside or outside. They come in three different sizes and are very affordable as well as durable.

From $120.


Giant Flowers!!

We have some magnificent giant flowers by the amazing Tim Read at The Outer Space.

These are bug statement pieces, which will add a big Wow factor to any garden.

From $990.00